Join the great

From September 16 to 22, in occasion of European Sustainable Mobility Week, take part in our CHALLENGE "Biking New Ground": ride with ultra-cyclist Paola Gianotti and your colleagues from Italian and Belgian Sites.

To join the Biking New Ground Team there are only few simple steps:


Sign up: fill out form on this website and thus reserve your exclusive Biking New Ground T-shirt.


Pick up your t-shirt and Ride: From September 16 to 22, put on your t-shirt, get on your bike, and ride to your work site! You'll arrive more energized, fitter, and most importantly, you'll help the environment!


Take a photo: take a photo with your bike.

By participating, you will help grow the CNH INDUSTRIAL FOREST: a tree will be planted for each participant!

Join our CALL-TO-BIKE and let's start cycling together! One Team BIKING NEW GROUND is waiting for you to help make the world around us more sustainable!

Registration is now closed. Let's come back soon to ride together again!


CNH Industrial's forest

Every employee who, from September 16 to 22, participates in the Biking New Ground challenge will allow to plant a tree and thus, to grow CNH Industrial's forest created in partnership with Treedom: the organization that allows people to plant trees remotely and follow their entire growth path online.

Paola Gianotti

Ultra-cyclist Paola Gianotti, 4-time Guinness World Record holder, is the fastest woman to have circumnavigated the planet by bicycle. She is the honorary captain of CNH Industrial's great Biking New Ground team and a special ambassador of the project. Paola's 10 maxims for pedaling beyond your limits are imprinted on the t-shirts that all call-to-bike participants will receive.

On each t-shirt one of the 10 maxims for pedaling beyond your limits

By Paola Gianotti for CNH Industrial